Wednesday 11 March 2020

Welcome and DT Call


Welcome to Christmas Crafts Creations! A brand new challenge blog dedicated to Christmas Crafts.

Whilst we're brand new, we're also well-established. Hows that possible? The new Christmas Craft Creations team are what's left of the Christmas at Sweet Stampin' team. With the last Sweet Stampin' members leaving the team the decision was made to split the Christmas challenge away from Sweet Stampin'. But don't worry, we're still friends! 

What does this mean for you? The challenge will continue in much the same way as CASS operated, with a new monthly challenge going live on the second Wednesday of each month. Create a craft following the challenge theme and you'll be in for a chance to be one of our top picks! You can familiarise yourself with the challenge rules in the side bar.

As I mentioned, the last Sweet Stampin' members have sadly left the team, but that's good news for you if you've been wanting to join us! 

DT Call
Requirements for joining the team are:
- You must be willing to commit to making one Christmas project a month following the predetermined theme
- You must be willing to upload your project to the dedicated DT blog in a timely manner
- You commit to commenting on a selection of the entries to the challenge each month 
- You commit to voting on top picks in a timely manner following the instructions provided
- You have a blog and preferably craft social media accounts such as Instagram (note: I will consider applicants that don't have a blog but do have an instagram account in special cases)
- You commit to promoting our challenge (e.g. in Facebook groups, instagram, etc.)

To apply please send an email to (the challenge will be getting it's own email address soon, but this one is fine for now!) or click the email link in the side bar, with the subject "CCC DT Call" and include the following information:
- Your name and a brief bio (e.g. how long you've been crafting, a note on your style) 
- Mention any teams you are currently designing for or have previously designed for (prior experience is not a requirement)
- Links to your blog and any crafting social media pages you may have (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest...)
- Examples of three of your best projects (preferably Christmas projects but this is mostly to get an idea of your work)

Deadline for application is 31st March. Please make sure you have followed the application instructions completely. I will try to reply promptly to acknowledge all applications but please do allow a couple of days.

We can't wait to see your applications and look forward to inviting you to the team!

And whether you apply to the team or not, we can't wait to have you join us here on April 8th for our first challenge! 

Stay Crafty,
Lady Joyful and the CCC team


  1. Hello, just wanted to mention that it is extremely hard to read the post as it sort of blends with the green background...also I had to "search" with my cursor for the link to leave a comment as that font doesn't show up at all. Looking forward to seeing the challenges! Thank you!

    1. Hi Vicki! Thank you so much for letting me know. The background wasn't supposed to be green in the first place, and was showing correctly on my phone. I've changed the settings - I hope it is better now.

    2. Yay!! It's perfect and very clear to read now! :) Thanks so much for changing it up!! Looking forward to seeing the new challenges!! Best wishes to all!! HUGS

  2. Ladies, so looking forward to another Christmas challenge and I will definitely be joining in! I'm super happy to see Dusty Rae back in the saddle! She was on one of my teams a few years back and got so busy she needed to step down. Looking forward to seeing all the team creations! :)

  3. When your challenge gets started, let me know and I'll add you to my page of challenges on my blog, to get you more exposure. I share with my 10k followers on Pinterest whenever I play along with a challenge. And love a new Christmas Challenge. Let me know via email: Thank you. Good luck!

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  5. Yay, so glad you've kept the Christmas fun going... and beyond grateful you've stuck with Blogger; me and Facebook, ain't pretty, lol. I hope to join in the challenges, and enjoy the inspiration even when I don't join in, so thanks again and good luck! Donna